August 29th – September 11th

This year’s Fun Run will raise funds that will go back to the teachers, students, and school 100%, directly through grants and PTA programs. Through our Classroom Grant Program teachers will be able to plan meaningful, enriching opportunities specifically tailored to their students’ learning needs, and then apply for a grant from the PTA to fund them.

Our hope is to be able to provide $300 in grants to each classroom this year. There are so many possible ways these grants can benefit our students, and as always, your support is deeply appreciated and gratefully received!

Please go to our MemberHub fundraising site for more details and forward it on to family and friends! You can also text “HORIZON’ to (919) 626-3277 or click on the Donate button below.

We have some fun incentives planned throughout the next two weeks for students and have gifts available that you can buy for your student or their whole team. Check out our site at for details or to make a donation in any amount. Thanks!

About The Run

The Fun Run and Fitness Challenge will be modified for safety – with each class competing independently, in small groups while socially distanced. Students will compete to see who can do the most sit ups, plank the longest, run the fastest 50- or 100-yard dash, and who can do the longest wall sit. Awards will be given to each winner in every class, with the top winners of every grade competing in the championship challenge on Friday, Sept. 11th.

Hybrid and online students are invited to participate as well! Parents, email us at and we will send you our fitness challenge parameters. You can time your student and submit the results to our PTA. We will announce age group winners and award ribbons for our hybrid/online students on September 11th. We hope you’ll join us!