We are Horizon Elementary – Home of the Huskies. We expect every student here to maintain and leave their “PAWS” mark:

P – Practice Kindness
A – Act Responsibly
W – Work Hard
S – Show Respect

Below are some policies and rules we use to follow that.

Entering and Exiting the Building

• Enter and exit the school with your teacher.
• Enter single file.
• Body and mouth are SILENT.
• Hands and feet to yourself.

In the Hallway

• Walk on the right side.
• Walk in single file.
• Body and mouth are SILENT.
• Hands and feet to yourself.

In the Restroom

• Be quick and quiet.
• Clean up after yourself.
• Wash and dry your hands.
• WHISPER voice.
• 1 – 3 people in at a time.

In the Lunchroom

• Sit at your assigned table.
• Use good manners.
• Remain seated until your class is dismissed.
• SPEAKER voice
• Clean up after yourself.

On the Playground

• Stay within the boundaries.
• Include others and use kind language.
• Report to an adult if you see an unsafe choice.
• Line up when the signal is given.
• ANNOUNCER voice.

In an Assembly

• Enter and exit single file
• Sit in your assigned area.
• Sit with your arms and legs folded.
• Participate in assembly appropriately.
• SILENT voice.

In the Library

• Return your books with the cover facing up.
• Use your slider appropriately.
• Line up quietly to check out your books.
• Read quietly at the tables.
• Push in your chair.
• WHISPER voice.

In the Computer Lab

• Use hand sanitizer and go to your assigned computer.
• Wait quietly for instructions.
• Stay on task.
• Close down computer program when asked.
• Push in chair and wait to line up.
• WHISPER voice.

In the Music Room

• Enter single file.
• Wait quietly, with hands to self, for instructions.
• Use the materials and instruments respectfully.
• Return materials and instruments when asked.
• Push in chair and wait to line up.
• WHISPER voice.

On the Bus

• Stay in your seat.
• Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
• Keep the aisle clear.
• Enter and exit one person at a time.
• WHISPER voice.

Things NOT ALLOWED at School

Cell phones are allowed, but must be turned off and in back pack during school hours. If a student is in violation of cell phone rule, it will be confiscated. Parents will be required to pick up the phone.

Personal Electronic Use

Cigarette lighters, razor blades, matches, Mp3 players, radios, iPods, electronic Games, laser Pens, and headphones. Weapons (including pocket knives of any size), or play weapons.

Drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol. Roller blades, skateboards and healies. Toys, cameras, and pets stay at home. However, for special occasions or classroom activities, teachers may give permission to bring selected items to school.

Junior high students are not allowed to loiter on school grounds. If they are here to pick-up a student, they will need to arrange to meet them on the sidewalk east of the school (in the front). They may not be on schools grounds.

Safe School Policy

Students have the right to be safe while traveling to and from school, while attending school, and while attending any school sponsored activity without undue concern for their physical safety. Murray School District has strict penalties for any act of violence or harassment, bullying, possession of any type of weapon, any form of organized gang activity, any type of criminal behavior, and any type of destruction or defacement to school property.

Please report any incidents to the Principal and your Teacher immediately.

Dress Code

Proper dress and grooming should reflect safe, modest, clean, and non-disruptive behavior. On cold or snowy days, dress appropriately with a warm coat, gloves, and hat. In extreme weather (poor air quality, hard rain, high winds, bitter cold), children will be kept inside. Label clothing with your child’s name. The school is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items. Check lost and found regularly. Abandoned items are donated to charity several times during the year.

Dress Code Standards

If a child comes to school dressed inappropriately, he/she will call their parent to bring a change of proper clothing to school. If the parent is not available, the office may provide appropriate clothing for the child to wear during the school day.

Horizon Hugo’s

What is it?

Staff members give a Hugo’s and words of praise to students when they are being safe, respectful and responsible.  Hugo’s are also given in all areas of the school (hallway, lunch, recess, assemblies, etc). The Hugo’s are collected by the classroom teacher and converted into points.  These points are then traded in for privileges from a menu of options. Once a month, students can cash in their Hugo’s for a privilege of their choice.

When is it given?

Staff can give Hugo’s at any point during the day, to any student in the school, and in any area of the school.  Not to be given for academic tasks. Strictly for behavior. A Hugo is given each time a staff member sees a student being safe, respectful, or responsible in all areas of the school.

Why is it given?

Hugo’s are a tangible way of recognizing students who are meeting our behavior expectations for the school.  It is way to identify and encourage the positive behaviors we see at school each day.

Who gives it?

Any staff member, including teachers, custodian, cooks, paras, recess aides, administration, etc.

Classroom Teacher

The classroom teacher is responsible for organizing a ‘bank day’ once a week. A bank day is when students turn in their Hugo’s and the teacher keeps track of the students ‘savings account’. Once a month on “Hugo Party” days students can cash in their accumulated points for a privilege of their choice. 

How are Hugo’s cashed in for privileges?

On Hugo party days, students can choose to bank or spend their Hugo’s.  If they bank them, they are finished until the next bank day. Students who spend them can “purchase” one privilege per party day.  The student will get a menu for the amounts they want to spend (ex: when a student wants to use 20 points, he or she get a copy of the 20-point menu). The student then brings their menu to the Hugo Party to redeem the privilege. Exceptions to coming to the party are those items such as choosing music for the class to listen to. Those will be coordinated in the classroom with the teacher.  (see the “Horizon Hugo Menu” for all options)

How many Hugo’s should a student be earning?

A student should be earning approximately 10-20 Hugo’s per week.

If Students Have Gaps in Behavioral Learning


  • Model – Allow the child to practice the expectation in one of the following ways:
    • Written reminder (The expectations is …)
    • Picture reminder (Picture card of expectation)
    • 1-minute review – ask the student:
      • W – What are you doing?
      • W – What are you supposed to be doing?
      • D – Do you know how to do that or do you need help?
      • S – Show me what it looks like!
  • Think Sheet – in partner classroom. 
    • What happened?
    • What were you thinking at the time?
    • What have you thought about since?
    • Who has been affected by what you have done? In what way?
    • What do you think you need to do to make things right?

Restore & Repair Harm

  • Give the student the opportunity to repair damage caused to individuals or the community.
    • Calm down time (can’t repair until the student is calm)
    • Informal conference with the student to brainstorm ways to solve the problem.
    • Student writes or makes an apology to those who were harmed.
    • Student does service or act of kindness for person/group that was harmed.
    • Student creates a plan for future actions in similar situations.
    • Administration can/will facilitate a Restorative Circle (if needed)
Hugo Party Menu