Change of Address and Special Permit Policy

Change of Address and Non-Resident Students

In order to maintain our mailing and emergency contact information, please inform the main office at 801-264-7420 if you have a change of address or phone number.

If your domicile residence (where you physically reside, not where a relative resides) is no longer in the Murray City School District or Horizon boundaries, you will need to apply for a special permit from the Murray City School District office in order to stay in the school.  Special permits are also required if a student lives within the MCSD boundaries but does not reside with their legal or court-appointed guardian.  Special permits are granted on a space availability basis and require certain academic, attendance, and behavior expectations to continue attending our school (see the contract for more information).

Any individual found falsifying address information may be withdrawn from the school and required to register at their neighborhood school or another school of their choice.

**The Murray School District requires all non-resident students to reapply for special permits when transitioning from elementary school to junior high school (6th to 7th grade) and from junior high school to high school (9th to 10thgrade.)